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Think of the possibilities and vote for Ostrander


I recently heard 35th Assembly District candidate Bill Ostrander on the Dave Congalton Show. I was struck with the knowledge, yes, actual facts, that Bill displayed as he discussed his platform. A cornerstone of that platform is pushing back against the contributions that corporations use to influence our elections and our representatives in the sole interest of making more money. Bill is running his campaign on funds from individual local voters.

According to his financial reports, the majority of Jordan Cunningham's donations are from corporations and political action committees. He took money from the Koch brothers, and cigarette, fossil fuel, and insurance companies. Since studies show that the largest influence on our legislative outcomes is money, it is not a stretch to wonder where he will hold the line on issues like fracking, drilling off our coastline, or health care.

Bill Ostrander has many well-informed, common-sense ideas about how to transition away from fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions, including efficient regenerative farming. He wants to make education accessible for everyone through universal preschool and increases in vocational programs, online education, and funding for our state colleges and universities. His ideas speak to one universal theme—equality for everyone. Imagine that when you vote.

Barbara Jackson

San Luis Obispo

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