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Thinking Obama's a puppet doesn't make you a racist

San Luis Obispo



I am so sad that Americans who oppose the never-ending war and sate of fascism that is our current regime under Obama are being called racist. It hurts me deep down in my heart. Would you call our Founding Fathers some sort of derogatory term because they were tired of being endlessly taxed and invaded by the English?

How ignorant and frankly close minded to assume that the people who are rising up and making their voices of discontent heard through these petitions to secede are racist. How ignorant to assume people wouldn't be doing the exact same thing if Romney had won.

These petitions have a much deeper meaning and have nothing to do with the fact that we have a black president. Stop using this mainstream-media-funded race war to divide Americans. We're all on the same sinking ship, and it doesn't matter what color your skin is—if we don't all wake up, we are all going down.

Americans need to come together to see what is really going on in this world and our country.

Do you know what the NDAA is?

How about the fact that President Obama appointed the VP of Monsanto to a top position in the FDA?

Did you know that under President Obama drone strikes in the Middle East have gone up, more than they ever did under president Bush? Why doesn't our news show us more pictures of the innocents being bombed and blown apart by these remote-controlled killing machines?

Look all of this up; it is all true, and it is all happening right under our noses.

Americans who love and appreciate their freedoms are called racist for disapproving of this? It makes me so sad and hurts me deep to my core that we are still using race as a weapon to divide us and keep our minds closed to the bigger picture of what’s happening in this world.

Obama is just a puppet whose strings are being pulled by the big banks and corporations who really run and control this country and want to use all of its resources for it own profit and gain.

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