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This is a dangerous highway



Thank you for the very informative article by Matt Fountain on the proposed Las Pilitas Quarry (“A rock and a hard place,” Aug. 15) alongside Highway 58. One thing I would have added is a description of this road. When I hear “highway,” I picture the 101 or the I-5. Highway 58, in contrast, is a two-lane country road, with no bike lanes, no passing lanes, many stretches with no shoulder, and with such sharp turns that the speed limit is lowered to 30 mph at one point and 15 mph at another. Enormous trucks will need to safely negotiate these extremely tight turns while dealing with bicycles, motorcycles, automobile traffic, deer, and assorted other wildlife. The road is too dangerous for the traffic this project will generate. Like the sign says, “Wrong Project. Wrong Location.”

-- Peg Grady - Santa Margarita

-- Peg Grady - Santa Margarita

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