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This is one Cambria resident's complaint




Dear CSD Manager Rudock,

I am a Cambria homeowner who lives on a very limited income. There are times when we do without just so we can pay our CSD bill. I just read in New Times that your salary is $121,548 per year (“Righteous bucks,” Dec. 22). You also receive $55,641 in benefits, a $1,200 monthly housing allowance, automobile allowance, four weeks of vacation, and phone compensation.

We are barely scraping by out here in the real world. Your compensation is ridiculous! It is totally out of line in these times. I can’t help but think of the City of Bell. The New Times article also said that you were not aware of any complaints from the public.

You are now aware of one.

My question for you is this: What do you plan on doing for the citizens of Cambria who are barely surviving? I think you need to take a pay cut immediately.

Thanks for listening.

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