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This is the true cost




Are dead children the acceptable price we pay for the Constitutional right to bear arms? In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, which involved legal firearms owned and registered by a responsible adult, and the firm belief that such a right is irrefutable, one can only assume that such freedom shall be gladly paid for by 10,000 deaths each year by handguns.

Gun ownership is beloved by many people insistent upon it as a constitutional right that it indeed is. While many people credit that freedom to our veterans and soldiers, these children actually paid the price for that freedom in the fear and terror of the last moments of their short lives. We can all point to an obvious tragedy. We can all point to the obvious shooter.

We pay for our right to free speech by the risk of being offended. Is this the price we pay for the right to own a handgun? Those who vehemently adhere to their rights of gun ownership need to either explain how this could have been avoided or stand up and boldly proclaim that the occasional massacre is an acceptable price for their own rights and security.

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