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This isn't Trump-derangement syndrome


On behalf of liberals everywhere, let me confirm that yes, we are indeed hell-bent on bringing down Donald Trump and, if possible, his family and business. In this, we are in total agreement. But, like so many others who decry the so-called "Trump Derangement Syndrome," Gary Wechter's opinion column fails to ask "Why?" ("A special holiday greeting," Dec. 27).

Simply put: Donald Trump is a contemptible human being. He is a thief, a con man, a bigot, and a pathological liar. His administration is riddled with corruption. His immigration policies are cruel; his environmental policies are killing us; and his foreign policy is to tear up our treaties, piss off our allies, and high-five our enemies. His very existence is a threat to our security.

On top of all of that, the man is a traitor. Evidence will show that Trump and members of his team had prior knowledge of and communication with Russian agents about the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and their invasion of American social media. His presidency is completely illegitimate. He is only in office because he cheated.

So yeah, we're trying to bring him down any way we can. Why aren't you?

Dan Curtis

San Luis Obispo

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