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This land's majesty will be preserved New Times readers and North Coast residents,

Long Beach, real estate advisor



A recent New Times included an article concerning “unpermitted construction” on a Red Mountain Road property purchased in 2011 (“Hidden woodland wonderland,” Feb. 23). The article included numerous accusations, speculation, and errors, and comments made by the Planning and Building Department were misrepresented regarding intended use of the property.

Prior to purchasing the land, the owner began exploring the range of uses allowed on the property. As we became more familiar with restrictions placed on properties in San Luis Obispo County, it became clear to us that this property is best suited for agricultural, residential, and ecological preservation uses.

The owner has no intention of building a “luxury retreat,” as grossly misrepresented in the article along with speculation of other uses. Instead, the property is being enhanced for private use by the owner’s family and friends. No additional structures are proposed, just interior renovations of the house, along with limited crop production.

Weeks before the article’s release, we began working collaboratively with the County’s Planning and Building Department and the California Department of Fish and Game to ensure all work to date and ongoing is in strict compliance with applicable codes.

After searching the California coast, the owner chose this ideal property. Like his neighbors, the owner cherishes the area’s pristine natural beauty and privacy. I can assure you of his strong commitment to maintaining the majestic nature of the native lands.

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