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This patent-holding government is out of touch

Santa Margarita



The controlled substance act of 1970, with its Schedule 1 classification of the cannabis plant, is factually incorrect.

Marijuana does have medicinal value. The evidence is held in the U.S. patent office under patent No. 6630507. This patent is owned by the U.S. Department of Health, filed Oct 7, 2003.

I think it’s absurd how the Obama administration and the DEA are going to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries that are our local, tax-paying businesses. We as Californians should not stand for such a violation. This is an assault on freedom and science. It’s a quintessential example of how dysfunctional and out of touch with its own people our government is.

I assume the government has put in countless man hours and spends quite a bit of money to bring down medical marijuana dispensaries. Maybe instead they could put all the effort into what’s really important and in dire need of attention and resources: Social Security and Medicare.

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