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This project would hurt the county

Arroyo Grande



In response to the article “Excelaron digs for project support” (March 1):

Excelaron claims it will create jobs, but its project description lists only four full-time employees. Most of the construction and service jobs would come from existing oil industry infrastructure in Kern and Santa Barbara counties. Tax revenues from Excelaron’s project might generate $113,000 under Excelaron’s best-case scenario, but this pales in comparison to the almost $1 million currently paid in property taxes by Huasna residents. Both jobs and tax revenue would disappear during years in which Twitchell reservoir flooding cause the facility to shut down.

Any tax revenue would be more than offset by lost property tax revenue from a lack of development and improvement in the area. Why would anyone move to the Huasna Valley once it’s an oilfield? Why would anyone build a new home or improve an existing home? In short order, property values will diminish and the county will be left with a net negative economic impact.

It wasn’t until county staff recommended denial of their project that Excelaron unveiled its “solar for schools” plan. Are they really hoping that SLO County residents can be bribed into selling out their Huasna neighbors to get free solar panels for schools?

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