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Thou shalt not kill

Morro Bay



In regards to the 12 who died and the 59 who were injured at the Aurora, Colo., theater, I have to take a long hard search into why this madman injured and killed people. It is not always the criminal insane that is the cause of so much pain, however it is more of spiritual warfare through Satan that can do that.

The same goes for the earlier killings at the high school in 1999 near the same place in the Denver suburbs. This also is outside of the Bob Larson Ministries headquarters, too, where I have seen Bob Larson deliver people who were demon possessed in San Luis Obispo at a What Would Jesus Do seminar.

In closing, what comes around goes around, and I feel the man deserves what is coming to him through the prosecution of the law, and breaking one of God’s 10 commandments: Thou shall not kill.


-- Scott C. Presnal - Morro Bay

-- Scott C. Presnal - Morro Bay

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