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I am having to ask myself if New Times giving Gary Wechter ("It's OK to be a lefty," Nov. 16) a forum was just a way to rile thinking individuals. Yes, I am familiar with free speech. I look to the media to present clear and well-defined issues. Wechter uses the term "lefty" as if it was something we all agree on and understand. This word is a myth, a myth that perpetuates a divisiveness that we need to get over in this culture.

Does Wechter even attempt to support this term with a definition? No. This is just sloppy reporting on your part and slopping thinking on his part. I want to think better of the paper. Please raise the bar on issues by encouraging conversation, not just name-calling. Define terms; show some reflection and respect for all minds.

Barbara Alward

Morro Bay


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