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Thoughts on the bag ban

Avila Beach



Well done!

It is such a clear and simple idea. And so necessary. Yet it will be fought by those where the system is intrinsic.

The change is inevitable. How can we speed it up?

If we are able to force all to bear the costs, then no one could complain, theoretically.

Trying to brainstorm ideas, slogans, etc. ... Many have been used before, I’m sure.

“Don’t be baggin’ on us.”

Maybe make the bags fashionable or chic somehow? Contests for the best designs, contests for the best slogans?

Have the waste companies, cloth bag companies, and other corporations that will benefit sponsor these contests.

Sometimes if we go about change in different and unexpected ways, the adversary becomes an ally. Get one major chain to announce and lead the way, since it is inevitable, and they would profit from the marketing exposure.

I still find myself using these monstrosities from forgetfulness and neglect, which is precisely why it needs to happen from all the stores.

People will adapt very quickly once they haven’t a choice.

I saw one woman defending the plastic bags based on a store’s cost to change and freedom of choice. Short-sightedness can be incredulous. The cost can be spread to all equally on the same percentage basis that bulk buyers buy in. Large bulk buyers always receive better deals by buying in bulk. So to say that this is an unfair advantage as if it is new is disingenuous.

This is something that will happen. Done deal. But how can we speed this inevitability up?

Anyway, keep up the good work. We’re listening.

And I personally will get some damn bags and keep them in the car—oh, wait. I shouldn’t use my car.

Well, one thing at a time.

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