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Three things about Sam Blakeslee

San Luis Obispo



Laurence Houlgate

So Sam Blakeslee is the unofficial winner of the 15th District state Senate election. We have learned at least three things about Sam from the campaign experience he has made us suffer through.

First, he is no longer Mr. Nice Guy. Sam did not hesitate to run the most negative campaign most have ever seen on the Central Coast. Second, no millionaire, Big Oil company, or wealthy corporation will ever have to pay a dime more in taxes as long as Sam is in office. Third, in order to hold to this promise, Sam will not hesitate to vote for deep cuts in education, child welfare, or any other program that impacts the most vulnerable of our citizens.

Welcome to Sam Blakeslee’s brave new world.

-- Laurence Houlgate - Paso Robles

-- Laurence Houlgate - Paso Robles

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