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Thump Trump



I want to thank Kathy Riedman for her hysterical commentary (“Assigning blame,” March 16), which presents every imaginable (real, illogical, and made up) reason, whether justified or not, about why Donald Trump’s presidency will be a nightmare (for her). I say “hysterical” knowing full well that it may be perceived by some as a sexist description, but I do have justification for saying so.

The example of “hysterical” from the integrated dictionary on my Mac is: “Janet became hysterical: overwrought, overemotional, out of control, frenzied, frantic, wild, feverish, crazed, beside oneself, driven to distraction, distraught, agitated, berserk, manic, delirious, unhinged, deranged, out of one’s mind, raving.” It didn’t say Tom or Harry was hysterical, it said Janet. So just change “Janet” to “Kathy” and you’ll have a reasonably precise description of Ms. Riedman’s commentary.

Accordingly, I encourage all to read “Assigning blame.” It was hysterical!

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