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Thurston must have been brainwashed

Baywood Park



Emily Thurston’s commentary (“Remove ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance,” June 25) had a very disturbing tone. Here is a high- school incoming sophomore who is filled with hate and rage against our country, Christianity, and our Pledge of Allegiance. This kind of rage comes from years of it being pounded into her by the public school system and possibly her parents. She does not know our history, only revisionism taught by hate mongers.

What is scary is that the so-called wall of separation is not and never has been legal. The entire point of the First Amendment to the Constitution is freedom to worship our God without being persecuted by government. Period. Like it or not, our country was, in fact, founded on Christian values by those who wished to escape such persecution and escape tyranny. Thanks to unprecedented hate, lies, and deliberate deception, people like Thurston do not know real history, just surreal history. It’s not okay to hate God’s people or our precious foundation. It’s sad that young minds like hers are so easily corruptible.

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