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Tiki time



I love camp, retro fashion, and I love a well made Mai Tai, so you'd think I'd be a raging fan of tiki bars. To be honest, nope. Sadly, I'd been sorely disappointed by the few I'd experienced, with their dusty interiors and too-sweet syrups. That all changed recently, however, thanks to a friend's Vegas wedding. After stopping at the very legit Frankie's Tiki Room—and realizing just how deep the culture goes (more than a dozen drinks with a range of covetable cups, garnishes, and boozes)—I became an instant devotee. So, as you can imagine, I was pretty stoked to hear a little birdie tell me that Sidecar Cocktail Company in SLO has begun its own Tiki Tuesday tradition. No, the hip downtown hangout isn't turning its moody interior into a vibrant, tropical oasis, but you can bet their capable mixologists are shaking up a host of classic drinks crafted in Sidecar's own sophisticated style. Yes, there will be special tiki cups too—and yes, you can totally take one home without getting 86ed. These suckers are strong though, so please drink in moderation. Like cologne on an Elvis impersonator, a little bit of tiki goes a long way. Cheers to getting leid on a Tuesday!

Sidecar Cocktail Company is located at 1127 Broad St. Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain is dusting off her Hawaiian shirt for the winter, and there's nothing weird about that. She can be reached at

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