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Time for healing



My letter to the editor in the Dec. 8 edition of New Times (“Talk radio: Stop spreading misinformation”) was juxtaposed to an opinion piece by Al Fonzi, the resident conservative writer (“America then, America now”). The irony about that is: He used the exact language in his piece I called out the Fox radio host for using. Mr. Fonzi, chairman of the Republican party of SLO, stated in his piece that there has been a “break in the civility and unity” of the nation and blames it on “a generation of indoctrination … teaching them [our youth] to despise their heritage.” Do you think that is the curriculum in our public schools? Since when is telling the truth about anything indoctrination? I think we have come to the root of the problem in American discourse: The conservatives are afraid of the truth.

The best they can do is blow smoke, repeat lies, and hope that the less-informed are listening. That is why they continue to prefer a less-educated electorate.

If Mr. Fonzi has been paying attention to our newly elected leader, he recently befriended the out-going president saying that he, Mr. Obama, loves America. I would guess that is a problem for Mr. Fonzi and the Republican Party, because they spent the last eight years accusing Obama of hating our country as well. 

Mr. Fonzi, please dial down your rhetoric and attempt to heal this divided nation instead of continuing to drive us apart with inflammatory remarks.

-- David Deick - Atascadero

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