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Time to look beyond self-interests


The conservative majority on the Board of Supervisors is poorly serving our county. Their failure to defend and support Tommy Gong and his staff despite their superlative work in our elections implicitly promotes the lie of election fraud in our county and threatens the stability and functioning of that office. This will be remembered in upcoming elections. It will also be remembered that Lynn Compton apparently had confidence in Mr. Gong and his staff in 2018 with her razor-thin victory that year. Despite their disappointment, progressives did not respond by pandering to the fringe of their party but showed respect for democracy and our institutions. It's beyond time for the conservative majority on the board to look beyond their own self-interests and show respect and support for our Clerk-Recorder's Office by appointing the acting director for the remaining term. It is very transparent what you are doing!

Craig Updegrove

San Luis Obispo

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