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Tired of sewer theatrics


The May 5 meeting of the LOCSD provided the usual theatrical display of vituperative arrogance in abundance by many of the wastewater project opponents who, one after the other, over-confidently forecast the recall of directors Gustafson, Hensley, and LeGros, plus the termination of General Manager Buel, while showering virtual rose petals on directors Schicker and Tacker.

Fortunate as you may have been to miss the redundant, sophomoric profundities of Lisa and Julie, our double-divas of dissuasion and déjà vu, worry not; they will deliver repeat performances at each of the next LOCSD meetings. The same can be expected from their devoted acolytes and supporters and the chorus of the "Queens of Denial" show, as well as spokespersons for the CCLO and "Move the Sewer" factions.

The angry intensity of the insurgents' hubris has become so brittle, shrill, and blatant that it cries out for the simple antidote of gentle civility, quiet grace, and sweet reason from those of us who continue to dream of moving forward.


Stuart Denker

Los Osos

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