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Torture can be excused

Arroyo Grande



A Los Angeles Times editorial (“Taking on torture,” April 27) presses the politicization of the torture issue. There is no surprise here considering the Times consistent anti-Bush editorial stance. But is the truth served by politicizing the matter? Not if the Democrats manage the debate.

What the Bush administration did was correctly conceived and performed to protect this nation after 3,000 citizens were murdered on 9/11. I thank God for Bush's actions in defending this nation. 
Given that Obama authorized killing three terrorists who threatened to kill the captain in the recent Somalia tanker incident, he has certainly set the precedent authorizing any and all coercive techniques to determine a terrorist’s intent to murder U.S. citizens.

For what is more heinous, the killing of terrorists to prevent the murder of citizens, or torture with the same intent? The historic principle is and has always been to use any measure in time of war to optimize and protect our nation's security. If President Obama fails here, the nation will be severely harmed.

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