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Traffic will change our town of Santa Margarita



As a resident of Santa Margarita, I was happy to see the Las Pilitas quarry on the cover of the Aug. 15 paper (“A rock and a hard place”). After reading the article, however, I was dismayed by the lack of discussion about the impact of more than 250 double-trailer trucks’ trips on the town itself and its residents.

Yes, the project will certainly affect the quarry neighbors more directly, but it will impact every resident of our town to some degree. These trucks will pass through our downtown area and turn right on a much smaller street that passes by the elementary school. Every child who walks to school crosses this road with the aid of a crossing guard.

Since we don’t receive mail delivery in town, we all retrieve our mail at the downtown post office. The increased traffic will impact each of us, the downtown businesses, and, most importantly, our schoolchildren. Also, it will likely increase traffic on the residential streets that run parallel to Hwy. 58.

I have yet to meet a resident of our town who supports this project. While the quarry applicants are understandably interested in benefiting from their resources, the reality is that the impact of this project on the businesses and residents of Santa Margarita is too vast, and the project is entirely unsuitable for a town of our size.

-- Marla Lipshin - Santa Margarita

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