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Transparency in the race for the county's 4th District


There has been a lot of chest beating about the donation of the Holland family to the campaign of Jimmy Paulding, who's running for San Luis Obispo County 4th District supervisor. Jimmy is an honest man who comes to the table eager to serve the constituents of the South County. Out of respect for the mourning Holland family, he protected their legal right to anonymity until they chose to come forward, divulging their name. One can't help but wonder if it was a smear tactic of incumbent Lynn Compton's campaign to insinuate that Paulding had been acting inappropriately. According to The Tribune, he was not. So, Compton, in calling for transparency, could we see who donated how much to your campaign prior to March 6? I thought not. (If I'm wrong, I'll write you an apology.)

Mary Eister

Arroyo Grande

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