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Trees should not be cut for school solar project

Los Osos



The Tribune (March 8) published feel-good photos of students from an ornamental horticulture class who hooked up with One Cool Earth at San Luis High School to punch holes for seeds to grow trees in containers until June. Ironically the seedlings will be ready to distribute at just about the same time chainsaws and chippers will be headed to the school to chop down some 150 trees to make room for carport structures that will support solar panels.  
As a consolation for the loss of trees, the steel carport project will be integrated into the children’s curriculum to teach lessons about “green living.” The community should demand an explanation why these solar arrays are not going on the rooftops of gymnasiums, libraries, and classrooms, to avoid the need to cut down so many healthy trees.

There is a clear disconnect between administrators’ concern about dollars and teaching what it really means to be green.

-- Julie Tacker - Los Osos

-- Julie Tacker - Los Osos

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