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Trio for a Better SLO!

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Keith Gurnee, James Lopes, and Sarah Flickinger have my votes for the mayor of San Luis Obispo and City Council seats respectively.

We need intelligent, healthy, financially solvent individuals in office who have integrity and experience with planning. These three dedicated citizens have those qualities!

As a trio, I know that they will provide leadership while being civil and inclusive. They will be fiscally responsible in regard to our city budget. All three will preserve the character of SLO and foster a positive relationship with all residents.

As a lifetime Democrat, I want to remind voters that these positions at the city level are nonpartisan. Regardless of any national and state political issues, what is at stake here is our quality of life.

As a previous council candidate, teacher, and active community volunteer, I still attend City Council and advisory meetings often. I voted for Mayor Harmon in 2016 with great hopes. Unfortunately, she has failed her constituents in many ways, multiple times.

Our city can gracefully experience a metamorphosis with Gurnee, Lopes, and Flickinger in their sought-after elected positions.

Please join me on Nov. 6 and mark your ballots for a better SLO!

Mila Vujovich-La Barre

San Luis Obispo


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