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Trump and the Nazis

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Where to start with a reply to August Salemi's Aug. 24 letter ("Trump is the antithesis of Nazism") claiming that Nazism was a left-wing organization? OK here it is, Mr Salemi, you are full of baloney. The Nazis are and have always been a hard-right movement of hate-filled whackos intent on making the Aryan race supreme while wiping out Jews and anyone else who weren't of their kind. Saying anything else is pure delusion and completely false. The socialism referred to in their name is a reference to a perverted social Darwinism, which meant extermination of the Jewish race, and also a ploy designed to bring the German people along for their deceptive violent ride to hell. They were trying to redefine socialism in their demented way, which never had anything to do with the left side of the political spectrum. Mostly, they were anti-communist and out to obtain power any way they could in order to do their dirty work.

There is a simple answer to your being so upset with Hodin's cartoon of the Nazi symbol emanating from the White House. The answer is a question: Why were all the white Supremist, KKK, and Nazi so-called protestors wearing Trump hats?

Jim Conroy

Los Osos


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