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Trump is missing compassion

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I'd like to compliment Editor Camillia Lanham and reporter Karen Garcia on their well-written articles in the Jan. 11 New Times: Lanham's Volunteers 2018 article, "Responding to Crisis," and Garcia's news article, "Grover Beach mother deported to Mexico."

The two articles may not seem related, but they both have the commonality of spotlighting neighbors supporting neighbors in times of crisis. And although unsaid, they also point to the dark side of President Trump's petty and vindictive response to California for not adhering to his every dictate. In response to the disastrous Thomas Fire and the devastating flood and debris flows that took so many lives in Montecito, Trump gave not a word of condolence or any promise for compassionate help.

In response to immigrants like mother Neofita Silva and her family, Trump charged his Gestapo-like Immigration and Customs Enforcement to sweep California and deport every immigrant who failed to show the "official" papers, no matter how long they've lived here and no matter if they're hardworking, honest, taxpaying folks with children born in the USA.

Charles Ewing



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