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Trump sets Dems' hair on fire

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Listening to the local news coverage, I can tell that those who are critical of leaving the Paris Accord probably didn't listen to President Trump's arguments for why it was a bad deal for the United States. I happen to agree with his points. Not knowing how our local critics came to their opinion is open for discussion. However, I can opine on an example of a corporate critic who is a great example of why you need to consider the source. Jeffery Immelt, the CEO of General Electric said, "As a company, we think climate change is real. ... We are for staying in the treaty. I think global engagement is a good thing."

When President Barack Obama took office, Immelt was among the first to cozy up to the new administration. As a somewhat savvy investor, I loaded up on GE shares, thinking when it comes to making money, you can't let politics get in the way. GE is into wind turbines, water turbines, nuclear energy—they're going to make a lot of money for me. Well, GE didn't make a lot of money for me. After Obama sucked the treasury dry and set the money printing presses into high gear to fuel "shovel-ready jobs," Immelt had the gall to sit at a conference with President Obama and some of the other "captains of industry" and laugh at the comment, " ... well I guess there weren't as many 'shovel ready jobs' as we thought (ha ha ha ha)."

Actual figures of job growth with Obama were dismal. The economy under Obama was dismal. GE shares have climbed on the back of a generous dividend that's eating the stock alive. GE cash flow has earned it the title of "Worst Industrial Stock" and the dividend may soon be cut, and stockholders are ready to give Immelt the boot. This is not just a vendetta on GE, it's just one example of an idiot that buys into the concept of the "New World Order."

It's bad enough that someone farming a little patch of land in the Central Valley gets hit with a multimillion dollar fine from Washington for cultivating his field, or that Sacramento punishes you for any one of the hundreds of new laws they pump out every year, or county supervisors restrict the use of North Santa Barbara County property owners because they serve the wishes of South County interests. Are you really ready for some un-elected bureaucrats halfway around the world dictating how much electricity or water you can use or what you'll pay for it? Telling you how many immigrants from Third World nations that you have to accept and subsidize with your tax dollars? Levying fines and penalties on American business, sucking trillions of dollars of our GDP? Are you ready for that?

I didn't do a word count of how many times President Donald Trump used the word "sovereignty." If you get nothing out of his arguments against the Paris Accord, at least understand the meaning of American sovereignty. It's why the Brits want to leave the European Union.

Henry David Thoreau, probably one of the darlings of the classic liberals, opened his pamphlet Civil Disobedience with this motto: "The government is best which governs least." Today's liberals would like to regulate everything.

Jan Lipski

Vandenberg Village


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