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Trump supporters drank the golden Kool-Aid


This is a response to anyone who thinks that those who oppose Trump should not be welcome within business establishments or anywhere. I will be civil because Republicans are now demanding civility. (Ironically, I’ve always strived to be civil but have been accused of sounding “politically correct,” a derogatory euphemism which I equate with civility.) I prefer the company and business establishments of people who support the Constitution of the United States and who uphold truth and decency. I trust them more!

Trump’s businesses go bankrupt, as do his morals. My description of a Trump supporter is a person who cares so little for the truth, he/she willingly and blindly accepts Trump’s myriad, daily, all-encompassing lies, which get repeated so much they become accepted as “truth.” (Trump even lied to Forbes to get on the Forbes 400 list.) I won’t go into detail, because my position is easily supported by many online fact-checking sites, such as Politifact. I’ve included only one here, but the list is staggering, and some of his lies are dangerous to America’s national security.

Trump supporters, you’ve been conned. It should be at the top of all our bucket lists to live again in a constitutional democracy. A summit with our country’s deadliest adversary, Putin? Seriously? If you think this is OK, truly, you’ve drunk from Trump’s “Golden Showers.”

Mary Donnelly

San Luis Obispo

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