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Twelve years of Adam Hill is enough


For 12 years, Adam Hill has been unwilling or emotionally unable to work with any supervisor he doesn't agree with. The public is tired of his obstructionist behavior, his temper tantrums and insults directed at other board members and at the public in the gallery. He is rude and insulting and acts like a petulant child. In short, he is a bully.

His opponent, Stacy Korsgaden is a respectful lady with 30 years of successful business experience and community leadership. She listens to the public and is willing to work closely with the rest of the Board to get things done.

During several debates with Korsgaden, Hill has attempted to intimidate and bully her. She did not back down and cower as he expected. Korsgaden is clearly not afraid of Hill.

Enough is enough. It's time Hill is no longer a supervisor.

It is time to elect Korsgaden as the 3rd District supervisor on March 3.

Joseph Rouleau

San Luis Obispo

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