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Typical SLO County heart


Because my husband is almost 94, he can no longer bike nor hike our mountains, nor can he change a tire. I drove him to the end of the pier in Avila Beach to enjoy the sea. Driving home on Shell Beach Road we noticed a rumble that soon shouted, "Flat tire!"

I searched for a gas station for 5 to 10 miles, weaving off the road to let cars pass. Finally, I saw two gas pumps and pulled in between a 7-Eleven store to what I thought was a regular gas station. A man came over to my window and directed me to a tire-changing spot. We assumed he worked there.

He introduced himself as Mike and asked if he could use our towel to kneel on the cement. As he worked to change the flat tire, we had a delightful conversation with him. We learned at the end of the process that he and his wife were in the 7-Eleven when we drove in. He heard the noise and just came out to help us.

SLO County heart; it opens so often. Thank you, Mike, wherever you are.

Evelyn Cole Turrill

Arroyo Grande

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