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Unique, local content is a great idea

San Luis Obispo



I enjoyed Roman Navarro’s piece (“The Camp Snoopy Files,” Feb. 9) and agree with the editor’s note: “his writing has a decided flair.” The fact that he’s an inmate never bothered me. I could appreciate the art of his writing, and certainly the colorful sketches, since color brings any story alive on the paper.

Yes, it was unique that New Times added this, and honestly the subject matter is not something I usually gravitate to reading about, but after reading the glorification two weeks in a row about some non-local, scantily clad “singer” who loves saying the word c*nt (“It’s raining fun!” Feb. 16), this was a welcome departure and step up.

I guess it’s just great that our local “alternative” paper (I think that’s what it is) was covering something from a “local.” I was sure after reading it that last week’s paper would have a slew of letters. I was curious what folks would say/think about it. In the end, there was just one letter, so I figured it was up to me to get another perspective in.

Let’s remember. This ain’t the Tribune, folks.

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