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Unite to save beaches




O, Come All Ye Faithful and righteous citizens of San Luis Obispo, you who are so upset by the smoke on side walks, the feeding of ducks, and past-bedtime partying: I beg you to rise and stand against the most repulsive polluter of them all, the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreational Area (ODSVRA). Residents in the south county are daily assaulted by the noise, the smoke, the particulate matter, and the trash produced by 2 million vehicles that every year drive down Pier and Grand Avenue in front of our homes, businesses, and on our beach.

Pismo Beach has already outlawed driving and smoking on its beach. Why is it that residents up north can demand and get clean air, safety, peace, and quiet while we down south are forced to tolerate this monstrosity? I wish they would become as protective of our backyard because the spoiling of our beaches is their loss, too. It is not premature to shut the ODSVRA down. What should we wait for? Someone will come down with a terminal illness and sue the county. Then we all will have to pay for it, big time.

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