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Unwelcome learning about gay marriage




In today’s ever-changing society, we need to have our eyes wide open to anything that might come our way. This is exactly what my family and I were doing when we had our children attending May Grisham Elementary School, located in Old Orcutt, a small town just south of Santa Maria. I attended this same school more than 20 years ago, and clearly remember kindergarten through my high school years.

Every teacher influenced me in one way or another. I trusted these teachers and believed in their belief systems after they were my teacher. Some teachers can really have a real impact on your life. Particularly my boy’s first-grade teacher. So much so that we requested him for our younger boy.

After we ended this last school season we went on vacation and, upon returning, I got the New Times magazine. It was left on the kitchen counter where my 8-year-old boy made a very interesting discovery. On the seventh page of the June 16 issue it read “They do.” One of those “I do’s” was their first-grade teacher. As my boy browsed down he had this, I’m-going-to-be-sick look on his face. My wife took the paper from him and, again, she felt sick to her stomach. Of course, I was not around at this time, but when I saw it, I said “That’s it.”

What do I mean? I will be pulling my children from the public school system due to the nature of our school systems in the present. Who knows who they will have next year. Now, I am not a bigot. I believe that if I want my children to have a strong foundation and good morals in life, this is no way of getting them. But interpreting and applying Lev.18:22 and 20:13 will give them this, another thing you will not see in public school today.

I still like this teacher and he should continue with his teaching for he is a great teacher. But when a child who loved his teacher has to come to this undesirable truth, it hurts, and who knows where this may lead them down the road. But my eyes are on them every step of the way.

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