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Use agricultural land to actually grow food

Edna Valley



Kudos to Lisen Bonnier for making reference to the What If? scenario (“Don’t let them take one more acre,” May 22). What if energy prices are not simply Big Oil now replacing Big Finance at the corporate greed-trough and Peak Oil really is reality? This is the theory—once fringe, now increasingly mainstream (think climate change)—that the easy, “low hanging fruit” oil is done.

Now it’s deep, difficult to get, in hostile places, or not as pure. In a word, it’s expensive. Increasingly. And every country clamors for it.

Oil for America isn’t enough. Long commutes from the suburbs, recreational shopping, large homes, tank-like vehicles, the freedom to be profligate all demand cheap energy, thus the rub.

Many believe that this loss of cheap oil will bring our economic and military empire to its knees. Could it? Detect a wobble now? If so, wouldn’t our rich ag lands here be better used to grow food instead of structures? Real agriculture, the kind of massive food production that the real growers provide (the Hayashis, Talleys, Rick Lewis, the Ikedas and similar), not the POPR, Realtors-in-cowboy-hats, “theme ag” that now seems to hold such sway with three of our county supervisors. What if $4 becomes $8? Or $10? Something to think about at your next fill-up.

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