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I can't believe that New Times continues to run columns by Al Fonzi, presumably in an attempt to present an alternative, conservative voice for local readers. With his stilted prose, his nearly incoherent arguments, and his rambling discourse, Fonzi is hardly worthy of a weekly column in any newspaper. In his last piece he touched upon John Brown, Woodrow Wilson, Australia, the Equality Act and climate change, finally concluding that "Progressive-Democrat policies are jeopardizing America's economic future, undermining the very social fabric of the nation ... ," a non-sequitur that capped off a nearly unreadable column supposedly decrying the divisiveness of our current political climate.

While I enjoy reading about alternative viewpoints, I at least expect to encounter an informed, reasonable voice in a publication such as yours. Fonzi's mind is cluttered with half-truths, alarmist conspiracy theories, and half-digested history lessons no doubt culled from Fox News and extremist websites, and his garbled prose evinces this muddled state of mind. He should be relegated back to the "letters to the editor" column, a place where everyday crackpots are regularly allowed to submit their opinions without taking up so much valuable newspaper space.

Raoul Wise

Pismo Beach

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