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Veterans deserve government health care

Los Osos



The last thing veterans deserve for their service is for their physical and psychological rehabilitation to be managed by an organization whose concern is profit (“Do veterans deserve socialist health care?” July 23). A person injured or traumatized while serving their country should not be subject to having their medical care scrutinized and balanced against an accountant’s calculations of which treatment would do the most good for the lowest cost and whether their combat-born emotional problems deserve or require counseling to overcome.
Given how notorious privately owned health-care organizations are for denying claims based on preexisting conditions or ability to pay, how could we trust the private sector to care for our wounded warriors? In April, the Los Angeles Times reported AIG rejected 44 percent of claims from civilian defense contractors involving serious injuries and more than 50 percent of claims regarding psychological stress. Is this a standard of care befitting those who put themselves in harm’s way for our benefit?
If a person is willing to risk their health for our national security, the very least we can do for them is provide for them, free of charge, the
care they need to recover that health. And to call that “socialism” is not only fear mongering and propaganda, but a disservice to our armed
forces as well.

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