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Visions portend solutions in Los Osos

Los Osos



In early 2006, after long involvement with sewer issues, I sought to create a mental pastoral scene for meditation. This was an attempt to draw positive energy to myself, the people, and the landscape of Los Osos.


Immediately after closing my eyes, two visions appeared lasting two seconds each; three-dimensional, in color, live, still—not about me. In the first, Bill Moylan appeared, a man whom I had heard speak at CSD meetings of family hardship because of the government’s costly demands. In my vision, he stood in front of a white-framed window with blue sky behind him, holding high in a toast a crystal goblet of water. His face radiated satisfied relief because we had our desired water: affordable, to fill all of our needs.


A second man whom I had witnessed speak tearfully at the podium in fear of losing his home due to high sewer cost came next: Bruce Paine. He faced forward, arm extended, offering a plate of food while he stood tending the barbecue grill outside the Red Barn. His ear-to-ear smile celebrated our completed sewer project, which met all our needs.


These visions were not about design, cost, location, or time frame, but concerned how we would feel about end results. I was thrilled. This powerful imagery is recalled at will, so I no longer feel the fear and panic I used to experience about the subjects that Lisa Schicker wrote about (“Sewer project would dispossess many Los Osos home owners,” Oct. 22). Instead, I focus on the blessed gift of confidence and strength I receive from these visions as I work with those I love toward solutions.

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