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Vote for Ian Parkinson

San Luis Obispo



I will disclose my bias upfront: Ian Parkinson, who is running for sheriff on Nov. 2, is my younger brother. And I am very proud of him. Here’s why.

Combine the frenetic pace of modern life, intense competition among media giants for a few precious seconds of public attention, and a collective attention span that lasts only a few minutes, and you have created a system that explains the climate of intense cynicism toward politics and politicians that we live in today. It’s a climate in which those who yell the loudest and make the most hurtful statements about their political opponents are deemed to be the most effective campaigners. The truth doesn’t seem to matter much anymore because (1) you can’t hear it over the din, and (2) it takes time to discover—more time than is available in a 30-second sound bite.

Of course, I believe Ian is the person best qualified to be sheriff, but I am proud of him because he has steadfastly refused to give in to the cynicism and negative style of campaigning that is so pervasive today. It’s a sign of his outstanding character, and we’re in great need of more of it today.

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