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Vote for incumbents

San Luis Obispo



As the election draws near, I have some perceptions to share. I have heard a lot of ads on the radio concerning our supervisorial races, and something comes through clear as a bell. Both challengers (Arnold, Waage) do nothing but attack with either half-truths or non-truths. Both incumbents (Patterson and Hill) simply cite their accomplishments without going negative on their opponents.

We have all become disgustingly accustomed to negative, unfair, and untrue campaigning over the last many years, and I see it happening again now, here, in our local races.

The Arnold ads even point out a few small issues that claim Patterson was on the wrong side of. Oh, really? On the side of public health, energy conservation, and the general good? These are bad things? One thing Debbie whines about is the plastic bag ban; the L.A. City Council just did the same thing (are you smarter than those 13 people, Debbie, who represent around 12 million people?). I think Debbie Arnold is the darling of those who would despoil our environment and decrease our quality of life here on the Central Coast.

Instead of pointing out clear objectives and experience that might make her suitable for this important position, she resorts to inane platitudes and negativity. She says nothing about her experience or future plans. Bad choice for the general public. But for those who wish to make a killing bleeding the county of its natural resources, she is your gal, no doubt about that.

-- Pete Evans - San Luis Obispo

-- Pete Evans - San Luis Obispo

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