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Vote for Joe Cortez

Arroyo Grande



We consider comparing candidates running for public office our civic duty. We compared the two sheriff candidates as follows:

Candidate Parkinson: Promoted within the ranks over 26 years; has not held position of chief. No special certifications presented for consideration; no special educational completions. Spent almost entire life in the same community. A viable candidate; a good citizen.

Candidate Cortez: 36 years of service. As a deputy sheriff, worked within two different agencies, promoted from within. Made career decision, applied for and was accepted as chief of police; moved to a new community and state. Hired as chief in two more communities, the last of which was Pismo Beach. While chief, the department became nationally accredited; one of only five in our state achieving that level. Presents several certifications, including FEMA first response and FBI training. Completed bachelor of science degree, and has begun master’s in leadership. Stable, secure family life. A highly viable candidate; a good citizen.

Neither candidate is a personal friend and cannot beg our vote on that ground. Our vote is in the best interests of community and the Sheriff Department personnel. Our vote is: Elect Joe Cortez Sheriff of SLO County.

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