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Vote for Lynn


When our 4th District Supervisor Lynn Compton discovered that nearly $11 million in development impact fees generated in her district had been plundered over the years for projects outside of her district, she has become the target of two of the supervisors responsible for diverting those funds: Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson, and the opponent they put up to run against her.

That she was able to prevail on the board to allocate $1.5 million to South County parks—a mere fraction of the funds that should have gone to the South County—was to her great credit. Not only is that funding being used for a much-needed skateboard park on the Mesa, the funds are assisting in the restoration of the historic Dana Adobe. And she has pledged to fight for more funding to make up for the monies diverted to other districts.

Keep up the good work, Lynn! You definitely deserve a second term.

Joyce Meredith


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