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Vote for policies

Grover Beach



I understand why so many rich people vote Republican. They are interested in the preservation of their wealth at the expense of all else. I don’t respect it, but I understand it. But Republican votes from the working class and even the poor? To you I want to say, “thank you for your Republican vote!”

Because, although I am voting for Barack Obama and willing to absorb his proposed tax increase, the McCain plan of rewarding the rich will reward me. You see, I’ve never really considered myself to be rich, because I don’t have a yacht, or “options,” or a vacation home, but it turns out that the rest of the country has become so poor that my income level is now in the top 5 percent.

I just don’t get it: I’m willing to vote in your best interests, why aren’t you? If McCain gets elected, don’t complain to me about your lack of benefits, your medical bills, your variable mortgage rate and how your kid had to quit college because the loans were so daunting, because you keep putting the foxes in charge of the henhouse.

If I’m willing to pay the price for you, the least you could do is vote in your own self-interest.

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