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Vote for Ron Paul; win the war on drugs




Say, do you plan to vote in the primary elections?

I’m voting for Ron Paul, a Republican. We have open primaries in California, so anyone can vote for any party.

He wants to legalize all drugs! He’s got my vote.

The only way to successfully “end the war on drugs” is to legalize them all. That way, the prisons will be half empty—if not more so.

The corruption will slow way down in both politicians and police officers. Gangs will disappear overnight. Who’s going to be willing to pay ridiculously jacked-up prices for something you can either grow yourself or go down to the corner drug store and buy for pennies?

People are going to continue to use drugs, no matter how “illegal” they are.

Again, the only way to win the war on drugs is to legalize them. This is why I urge everyone to please consider voting for Ron Paul for president in 2012.

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