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Vote for the climate


Kudos to California, once again showing national leadership in addressing climate change. The recent decision by the California Energy Commission to require solar panels on all new residential construction beginning in 2020 is a huge step forward in moving to green energy sources throughout our state.

I was pleased to learn that Sebastopol and Santa Monica already require rooftop solar installations on newly constructed residential and commercial buildings, while Lancaster requires it on all new single family residences. Solar has proven to be a cost-effective choice over time.

Cities in San Luis Obispo County could become leaders in transitioning to a clean energy economy by moving to low carbon choices, retrofitting existing government buildings, and purchasing all-electric transportation vehicles as buses and for city fleets.

Citizens in SLO County can also become part of the effort to lower CO2 emissions (currently at a dangerously high 410 ppm) by getting involved in the growing movement to pass national carbon fee and dividend legislation. Besides casting a vote for the climate in upcoming elections, we can do our part by joining a local chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby and lobbying Congress in June (citizensclimatelobby.org).

Sandy Simon


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