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Vote in these two men in Nipomo

Santa Barbara



Bob Blair and Ernie Thompson are running for seats on the NCSD Board of Directors. Both men have years of experience and did not support or believe in the necessity of a $26 million pipeline.


General Manager Michael LeBrun's June report to the NCSD Board of Directors listed more than $600,0000 for FY2012 expenditures spent for the supplemental water project. Costs included consultants, legal fees, engineering, salaries, printing, and postage. These funds were spent largely to design and promote their pipeline project, financed with your money, to win the campaign for their project, which you wisely voted down, not to burden households with even higher water bills.

The Supplemental Water Alternatives Evaluation Committee was formed to pretend they were looking at other options, when, in fact, the NCSD is just using that group to appease the community while they figure a new way to fund their flawed pipeline project. The only way to stop this aberrant behavior is to vote in better directors in the upcoming election.

Meanwhile, the NCSD is punishing the voters with an unjustified moratorium on water meters. This moratorium was a knee-jerk reaction to their losing the vote on the pipeline.

Bob Blair had his own small water company (E bar B Water Company) and has drilled and maintained wells. He was a director at the NCSD from 1994 to 2004. He was also a director at the state level on the State of California Special Districts Association from 2002 to 2004, where he represented nine counties in District 4. Ernie Thompson was employed by NCSD for 17 years.

As a landowner in Nipomo, I strongly urge you to vote for change and return Blair and Thompson to the NCSD.

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