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Vote no on Measure H

SLO County Parks retired director



The misguided effort to turn Prado Road into a dead end would not simply stop a badly needed east-west connector street. It would also undermine the associated bike path that could lead kids and families safely to the Damon-Garcia soccer fields, and it would derail more than 500 acres of planned recreation and open space.

Proponents of Measure H argue that it would bring a road too close to those fields. Who really thinks we should have community parks without roads to access them? My 37 years of experience in the management and operation of parks have taught me the real answer is safe design of those service facilities, especially adjacent to recreation areas. Prado Road will provide a safe alternative for both vehicles and bikes to reach the sports fields while taking the pressure off overcrowded Tank Farm Road.

Don’t be misled by the half-truths: Measure H is a dead end. Don’t undermine years of community-based plans to improve San Luis Obispo’s safety and recreational opportunities. Vote no on Measure H.

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