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Vote no on Proposition 29




I see our state officials have come up with another scheme to get money instead of doing their job by fixing the existing waste in government. This comes in the form of Proposition 29, with the pretense of funding research on cancer, when in reality, it is just to get more money to spend.

They figure due to the fact that the majority of the voters do not use these products, the $1 will not come out of their pocket, so they will vote yes, and the government will get some free money.

The government did this type of scam on the lottery to cover the schools, and the CRV tax to clean up the environment. How have those things worked out, after they dipped their hand in the cookie jar? If the government put out a proposition to tax wine and beer at $1 a bottle to fight alcohol abuse, I will still vote no, even though it wouldn’t cost me any money, as I don’t use those products—because it’s just a way for them to avoid doing their job of managing the money they now get in the proper manner.

So I say vote no on Proposition 29, as the next proposition may affect what you actually use (they will come), so when you need the no vote support, it may not be there.

-- Richard Mullikin - Atascadero

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