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Vote of the people, for the people


It is said that all politics are local. If so, where is this nation headed? It's frightening but not surprising that all Republican candidates in SLO County have corrupted the system of representative democracy from representing the public to representing the Republican Party. Ironically, the bane of the Republican Party is state socialism where all government activity runs subordinate to the party and state media. Yet, this is exactly the blueprint for what our local Republican candidates advocate.

Lynn Compton recently participated in a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Each and every question was answered by her through a script. It takes little imagination to know who scripted those responses. Now it seems that the "Party" has its own media outlet, CalCoastNews, whereby all interviews and questions will be filtered through this source.

Lynn Compton, Stacy Korsgaden, and Bruce Jones could very well be elected to represent the "Party" in SLO County. And then what? Or, we can send a message to Washington and the Republican Party by electing Jimmy Paulding, Bruce Gibson, and Dawn Ortiz-Legg returning SLO County to representative democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people. Please vote wisely.

Steve Lacki


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