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Vote your pocketbook


Morro Bay's Water Reclamation Facility is making progress as hoped and expected. After the years-long effort that city leadership and citizens endured, it is a relief to see the ongoing construction and imagine the rewards when it is finished.

What Morro Bay citizens have learned, though, is that we cannot take our progress for granted. Voter approval of this project was demonstrated fully in eight democratic processes, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that the majority supports it. Yet we cannot take our eye off the ball. We must continue to cast our votes for the leaders who have brought us this far and bring on new leaders who understand what we have been through and what is at risk.

Mayor John Headding, City Councilmember Red Davis, and candidate Laurel Barton have each stated their commitment to the success and completion of this ambitious infrastructure project. Their forward-looking plans for Morro Bay will keep us headed for a better future at the most affordable rates that we will ever see again. Especially now, vote your pocketbook. Vote for John Headding, Red Davis, and Laurel Barton.

Carol Swain

Morro Bay

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