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San Luis Obispo



On Oct. 2, a commentary by Alan Cooper stated that I had “quibbled with a number of stated goals” of the Save our Downtown organization (“Save our downtown,” Oct. 2).

Alan knows that I’m the planning commissioner who led the opposition to the original proposal to raise height limits in the downtown core without sufficient consideration of views, light, and retail continuity.

I’m also the only major candidate for city council who hasn’t received contributions from downtown developers—although one of the founders of Save Our Downtown, David Brodie, has given the maximum amount to me.

As to my two “quibbles” with the SOD Goals—well, read on and make up your own mind about my dedication to the downtown.

I can’t promise that I’d support preservation of “all remaining historic Downtown buildings,” because the devil is in the details: How is “historic” defined? Or, for that matter, “contributing” buildings? Anyone can promise to “preserve historic buildings,” then simply fail to support their nomination for that status.

Creek setbacks in the downtown shouldn’t be based solely on “character and visual appeal.” Biological values in the creek are an equally compelling concern, and aesthetics alone shouldn’t dominate such decisions.

For more information, my web site is johnashbaugh.net.

-- John B. Ashbaugh - SLO City Council candidate

-- John B. Ashbaugh - SLO City Council candidate

-- John B. Ashbaugh - SLO City Council

-- John B. Ashbaugh - Candidate for SLO City Council

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